«Videoton EAS» plant

«Videoton EAS» plant
Place of work Hungary, Szekesfehervar.
Field of activity «Videoton EAS» produces electronic circuits.
Salary (gross) Fixed salary under the collector’s employment contract 270,000 HUF/month.
Salary (net) 230,000-240,000 HUF/month. The salary is credited to the current account of Erste Bank (strictly until the 10th day of each current month for the previous month worked).
Opening hours 5 working days a week for 8 hours a day, 3 shifts: 05:50-13:50; 13:50-21:50; 21:50-05:50. Saturdays and Sundays – are provided as “overtime” days. During the working day, there are two breaks – 25 and 10 minutes each (included in the work schedule).
Working conditions
  • Department of configuration and installation of electronic components on boards according to the installation scheme.
  • Testing and quality control department.
  • Finished product packaging department.
Salary surcharges are calculated
  • «Sep card» 11,000 HUF/month (accrued for the previous three months with the fourth cafeteria), accrual of a monthly cafeteria on request – «Sep card» or to a bank account together with net salary – 7,300 HUF
  • Extra charge in the afternoon – 15%, night shift – 30%.
  • Extra charge on weekends: Saturday – 100%, Sunday – 200%.
  • Allowance for each minor child of 10,000 HUF/month and reduction of gross salary tax.
«Aegon» voluntary pension fund 5% from gross salary.
Labor protection All work clothes and protective equipment are provided by the employer (change of dressing gowns, beanies, sneakers with a protective toe, gloves, and safety glasses).
Accommodation At the employer’s expense in Szekesfehervar (accommodation in rooms for 2 people, separate showers/kitchens on each floor).
Nutrition At your own expense (there is a well-equipped dining room on the territory of the plant, hot meals – you can pay with a «Sep card»).
Travel to the place of work At the expense of the employer – the company’s service bus, within the city 3,000 HUF/month at the expense of the employer – by public transport.
Travel to the territory of Ukraine 1 time in 3 months (the fare is compensated by the employer in the amount of 39,000 HUF).
  • Minimum basic secondary education or vocational education.
  • Work experience in factories, good manual skills, good eyesight, and hearing.
  • Responsible attitude to the master’s tasks.
  • Level of language proficiency – Ukrainian (proficiency in Hungarian is an advantage).
  • Absence of cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, varicose veins, complex surgical interventions, hernias and protrusions, diabetes, asthma, color blindness, good vision, and hearing.
  • No shortness of breath or excess weight.
  • Height not less than 1.60 m.
  • Age from 20 to 55 years.
  • No criminal record.
  • Tolerance to alcohol consumption.
  • No deportations, unpaid fines for the overdue period of stay in Hungary and EU countries.
  • Absence of unpaid alimony, arrests by the state executive service.
  • Mandatory interview with a representative from the plant before starting work.
Additional information
  • Cost of travel in Ukraine (compensated by the employer) and to Hungary (at the expense of the employer).
  • Mandatory medical commission, instruction on safety regulations.
  • Employment contract (contract) for 2 years.
  • Work card for a period of 2 years (with the possibility of extension at will), tax number, medical insurance, opening of a bank account, and bank salary card – at the employer’s expense.
  • Probationary period – 3 months.
  • Basic paid leave of 20 days/year, additional leave depending on the age and number of minor children (additional 3 days to leave for each minor child).
  • The employer compensates the cost of travel to Ukraine for the holiday period.

Assistance in concluding an employment contract with a foreign employer, including the provision of information and consulting services on employment opportunities, is free of charge.

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