«Valeo Auto Electric» plant

«Valeo Auto Electric» plant
«Valeo Auto Electric» plant
«Valeo Auto Electric» plant
Place of work Hungary, Veszprém.
Salary (gross) Fixed salary under the employment contract 280.000 HUF / month.
Salary (net) 230.000 – 240.000 HUF / month.
The salary is credited to the current account of OTP Bank (strictly until the 10th day of each current month for the previous month worked).
Opening hours 3 shifts (06:00-14:00; 14:00-22:00; 22:00-06:00) per 8 hours a day.
Saturdays and Sundays – are provided as “overtimes” days, optionally.
During the working day, there are two breaks – 25 and 10 minutes each (included in the work schedule).
Working conditions
  • Department of production of electronic control devices and devices for control of cameras of vehicles.
  • Electronic components assembly department.
  • Department of installation of electronic components on boards according to the installation scheme.
Salary surcharges
  • «Sep card» for the probationary period (training) 7000 HUF / month (accrued for the previous three months with the fourth cafeteria).
  • «Sep card» yearly cafeteria 120.000 HUF / month (accrual of a monthly cafeteria optionally – «Sep card» or to a bank account together with salary).
  • Allowance for each minor child in amount of 10.000 HUF / month and reduction of gross salary tax.
«Aegon» voluntary pension fund 5% from gross salary.
Labor protection All work clothes and protective equipment are provided by the employer (change of dressing gowns, beanies, sneakers with a protective toe, gloves and safety glasses).
Accommodation At the expense of the employer in Csopak and Shyofok (accommodation in rooms for 2 people).
Nutrition At your own expense (there is a well-equipped dining room on the territory of the plant, hot meals – you can pay with a «sep card»).
Travel to the place of work At the expense of the employer, company service bus.
Travel to the territory of Ukraine 1 time in 3 months.
  • Minimum basic secondary education or vocational education.
  • Work experience in factories, good manual skills.
  • Responsible attitude to the master’s tasks.
  • Level of language proficiency – Ukrainian (proficiency in Hungarian is an advantage).
  • Absence of cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, varicose veins, complex surgical interventions, hernias and protrusions, diabetes, asthma, color blindness, good vision and hearing.
  • No shortness of breath or excess weight.
  • Height not less than 1.60m.
  • Age from 20 to 55 years.
  • No criminal record.
  • Tolerance to alcohol consumption.
  • No deportations, unpaid fines for the overdue period of stay in Hungary and EU countries.
  • Absence of unpaid alimony, arrests by the State Executive Service.
  • Mandatory interview with a representative from the plant before starting work.
Additional information
  • Cost of travel in Ukraine (compensated by the employer) and to Hungary (at the expense of the employer).
  • Mandatory medical commission, instruction on safety regulations.
  • Employment contract (contract) for 2 years.
  • Work card for a period of 2 years (with the possibility of extension at will), tax number, medical insurance, opening of a bank account and bank salary card – at the employer’s expense.
  • Probationary period – 3 months.
  • Basic paid leave of 20 days/year, additional leave depending on the age and number of minor children (additional 3 days to leave for each minor child).
  • Cost of travel to Ukraine for the holiday period is compensated by the employer.

Assistance in concluding an employment contract with a foreign employer, including the provision of information and consulting services on employment opportunities, is free of charge.

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