Solar systems installation

Solar systems installation
Solar systems installation
Solar systems installation
Place of work Throughout Hungary.
Field of activity Solar systems installation of the ground type (500 kW).
Terms and work conditions
  • Measuring the area with a level and preparing the place for the support’s installation (use of self-propelled machine for the supports installation).
  • Aluminum framework mounting (on bolted joints).
  • Installation of the fixed solar panels on the framework according to the project.
  • Connection of all panels by an interconnect cable, cable laying in an electrical conduit.
  • Cables laying to the transformer.
  • Inspection and testing.
  • Fencing installation of the solar system.
  • Connection of the power cable to the transformer and to the inverter (tasks for electricians).
Occupational safety and health rules The employer instruct on safety rules, provides employees with work clothes and protective equipment and all necessary work tools.
Salary (net) Installers 380,000 Hungarian Forints / month.
Electricians 500,000 Hungarian Forints / month.
The salary is accrued on the bank’s current account.
Salary increments are accrued
  • Gratuity of 10-20% of the net salary (for timely commissioning of the facility).
  • Food supplement 20,000 Hungarian Forints / month.
Work schedule 6 working days a week for 8-10 hours a day.
Accommodation At the expense of the employer (apartments / houses, with 2 people in rooms accommodation).
Meals At your own expense.
Travel to the work place At the expense of the employer, a service car for each team.
Trip to the territory of Ukraine By agreement (fare is reimbursed by the employer).
  • Vocational and technical education.
  • Electrician with work experience and the allowance to work with a voltage of 1000 volts.
  • Driving license category B.
  • The ground-based solar systems and solar panels installation experience is an advantage.
  • Level of language proficiency – Ukrainian (knowledge of English is an advantage).
  • No criminal record.
Additional information
  • Obligatory interview with the employer.
  • Fare to Hungary (reimbursed by the employer).
  • Mandatory quarantine (residence at the expense of the employer).
  • Probation period – 3 months.
  • 2 years working card (with the possibility of extension for another 2 years if desired), tax number, health insurance, opening a current account in a bank and a bank salary card (at the expense of the employer).
  • Period of leave by arrangement (30 days / year).

Assistance in concluding an employment contract with a foreign employer, including the provision of information and consulting services on employment opportunities, is free of charge.

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