About us

About us

Scherbyna M.M. registered as sole proprietor since 2011. The main objective of Scherbyna M.M. is to provide opportunities of official employment of citizens of Ukraine in the countries of business partners, where the biggest advantage in workplaces is given to residents of Poltava city and Poltava region.

The guarantors of sole proprietor Shcherbina M. M. in the sphere of intermediary services of employment abroad are business partners with long-term experience in labor market.

With assistance of the Ministry of social policy of Ukraine in licensing for carrying out activity in intermediary of employment of citizens of Ukraine abroad, Scherbyna M.M. is developing towards of establishing of a new partnership links and signing of new foreign economic contracts in the sphere of employment of Ukrainian citizens, and also internal cooperation with the State Employment Service of Ukraine, Poltava Regional and Municipal employment centers, where file forms 1-ПА and 1-TM (labor migration) by employed people from Ukraine in neighboring countries, allowed possible to fix labor activity of citizens with labour experience.

As a result of professional cooperation with companies and employers in the countries of employment, we have the opportunity to individual job search for every of candidates, according to their qualifications.

We – your right choice on the way to work!